The Poems Bucket is founded by Nitin Verma. It is live since 7th March, 2015 on various social media websites. Poems Bucket is a website based on literature and entertainment. It showcases awesome contents like Quotes, Shayaris, Poems, Articles etc. provided by guests and its members.
As the tagline says “more than about just poems” It’s really more than about just poems.
Before it was just a blog where only admin was able to post/share thoughts. But since Jan, 2016 it has been developed into a community. Where anybody can share poems, thoughts, quotes etc. In other words, we can say Poems Bucket is a great platform for new or rising writers/readers. Through Poems Bucket you can also meet other talented and experienced writers. We also help to increase fan following on your social media profiles.

PoemsBucket welcomes all passionate Writers and Readers.

We help you to Meet other talented and experienced writers like you.
We also help to increase fan fallowing on your social media profiles for FREE!

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