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Love For The Shore - Love Poem
Love Poems
Cherry Panwala

Love For The Shore – Love Poem

Love For The Shore Click To View Large Image. O! Sea, Your Waves Keep Breaking, Over The Cold Grey Stones On The Shore. I Wish I Was Able Soar Over You, And See Your Journey To The Stoney Shore. I Wish I Was Able To Feel Your Thrill Of Meeting The Shore. I Wish I Was A Fish In You
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Who Are You - Love Poem
Love Poems
Varsha Nehra

Who Are You – Love Poem

Who Are YouClick To View Large Image. Who Are You, So Close To My Heart? You Breathe In It. Where Do You Reside? In Actuality Or I’m My Dreams. What Do You Do? For I Crave Your Every Move, While You Stay Still, Like A Motionless Picture. Where Do You Go? For My Heart Follow, Your Every Breath, In A
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Farmer - Sad Poem
Rishab Gang

Farmer – Sad Poem

FarmerClick To View Large Image. Stone, They All Seemed To Be, Without Any Word, The Silence Spread, They Laid Him Down On The Ground, And Suddenly The Shout Started. A Thin And A Frail Body Of Bones, Covered In White And Neck Stretched, There She Came Weeping And Crying, Repeating, "My Husband Isn't Dead". He Will Wake Up Soon, Soon
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I Miss You - Sad Love Poem
Anisha Gupta

I Miss You – Sad Love Poem

I Miss You - Sad Love PoemClick To View Large Image. The Way I Feel With You, Can’t Be With Someone Else. When We Are Together, We Always Fight. But Those Little Acts Of Annoyance, Fill My Heart With Delight. Perhaps We Are Not Meant To Be One, But Strength Will Always Remain In Our Connection, You Hurt Me At
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