One Day I Will Reach The Mountain Top

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One Day I’ll Reach The Mountain Top,
But Today I’m In Valley Of Doom,
One Day No One Will Stop Me,
But Today Many Shackles Bind Me,
One Day I’ll Not Back Down To Anyone,
But Today Is Not That Day,
I’ll Have To Work Hard,
In Order To Achieve Success,
I Know Nothing Will Be Better,
Then An Easy Life That I Earned,
Today I May Be Lacking,
But Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Mine,
No One Will Look Down On Me,
As I Would Have Built Up My Pride,
Through My Sweat And Blood,
The Sheer Look On My Face,
The Determination I Will Feel,
It’d Be Nothing Like I Feel Now,
It’ll Be Much Better, I’m Sure.
~Varsha Nehra

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