Where Does It Live By Erich - Love Poems

Where Does It Live By Erich – Love Poems

Where does it live?
In the house next to despair

Who are its kin?
Death and fear

Where will it go
when it does go?
No one knows

Where does it come from?
From very near or very far

How long will it stay?
If you’re lucky
as long as you live

What does it ask for you?
Nothing or everything

What does that mean?
That it’s one and the same

What does it give you
– or me – in return?
Exactly what it takes
It keeps back nothing

Does it keep you
– or me – prisoner
or does it set us free?
It can happen to us
that it gives us freedom

To be free of it
is that good or bad?
It is the worst
that can befall us

What is it really
and how can one define it?
They say that God said
he is it

Written By: Erich Fried

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