Farmer – Sad Poem


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Stone, They All Seemed To Be,
Without Any Word, The Silence Spread,
They Laid Him Down On The Ground,
And Suddenly The Shout Started.

A Thin And A Frail Body Of Bones,
Covered In White And Neck Stretched,
There She Came Weeping And Crying,
Repeating, “My Husband Isn’t Dead”.

He Will Wake Up Soon, Soon You Will See,
Wiping Away Her Tears, Catches Her Breath,
Walked Towards The Body With Her Son,
She Touched, Felt It Cold And Sensed His Death.

Oh! Oh! My Lord What Have You Done See,
She Shouted So Loud, Deep In Pain,
Crying Again With A Sudden Change,
And Now She Wants To Know The Reason Of His Bane.

“How Did He Die?”, Did He Hang Himself,
The Absolute Silence Grapsed Again,
The Poverty Has Killed Him, The Reason She Gave,
Every Farmer’s Destiny Is A Path Of Unheared Pain.

It’s Time, The Lifted The Body Up,
She Was Left Alone, For The Rest Of The Life,
Chanting The Name Of Almighty They Started,
Left In Grief Was The Farmer’s Wife…
~Rishab Gang

Rishab Gang
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