I Remember – Poem About Past

I Remember

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When I was a little girl,
Living in my small world,
It was not the perfect world,
Even my pretty dolls didn’t blind me,
To the reality that surrounded me,
He was alcoholic,
She was a scared woman,
Other two were shadowed by that women,
While I was left inside the house with a madman,
I dealt with it my way,
Became a loner, a silent child grew up in me,
She found out later, but it was too late,
I had learned to become small in the face of fear,
Didn’t talk to many, friends were a commodity,
I didn’t have the right to have, so I didn’t try,
I grew up, and the expectations grew up too,
I was good at some things,
But didn’t try hard enough to be great at it,
She was disappointed, nothing was going her way,
She cried in front of me, I couldn’t take it anymore,
I decided to give it my all,
Even if I failed in the end,
Now I had decided to prove myself,
To her, to him, to them, it was now or never,
I guess the charm worked, as I won in the end.
~Varsha Nehra

Varsha Nehra
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