My Choice – Poem

My Choice - Poem

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Am I really independent ?
Or am I living an illusion ?
Where my cage is just big enough,
That I don’t see its limits.

My every choice is questioned,
When I thought I chose the right one,
No one bothers to ask for reasons,
For me going to make that decision.

I have done my homework,
I have thought it through,
Why question my choices now,
When it’s too late?

I will not come back,
Or I will but it’ll only be a body,
As my mind has flown away,
From the love you shower over me.

It’s my choice to choose you or not,
Or is it your choice that I have to comply?
My wishes doesn’t count,
All because I’m a woman.

I’m treated as weak,
Told that I can’t take care of myself,
But the one who loves me,
Becomes my enemy as I defy him.

Am I a toy, which can be played with?
I too am a human who knows,
What’s right or wrong for me,
So please accept my decision one time,
You don’t have to forgive me,
But please don’t fight,
As that is not what I wish for.
~Varsha Nehra

Varsha Nehra
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