My Father – Poem

My Father - Poem

My Father – Poem

Blurred photo of me and my father,
though today I find him in my mother.
But how can I forget those hands,
which once tied my hairs with bands.

The hands which helped me to cross,
taught us to be humane boss.
We were equally always loved,
but scolded while playing with mud.

But how can I forget those legs,
which went to temple for us to beg.
The legs which were always beside me,
and great fun together had we….

But how can I forget those laps,
which can’t be found in blueberry apps.
The laps on which I was smoothly layer,
and slowly with my dreams I was swayed.

Now I have no lap, leg and hands,
but surely a mother to tie our bands.
She gives her lap and walk with us,
and also scold on our fuss.

My mother is being giving a lot,
and I will never be on her a blot.
Promise you dad u there,
I will never make cry your mare.

Written By: Aayushi

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