They Never Met – Sad Love Poem

They Never Met - Sad Love Poem

They Never Met – Sad Love Poem

As the girl accepted the proposal. The guy promised him he will not let his past or anything come between them. But the girl’s fate was too bad that his past (his ex began to love him) once again came in his life spoiling their love. Now read “They Never Met – Sad Love Poem” –

After so long she was called by him,
Love aroused in her which was yet to dim.
At first she refused his love,
Deep down, it was yes in the dove.

As soon as she said yes,
He promised there will be no mess.
But her fate was so cursed,
His past to him once again nursed.

The feeling in him didn’t vary,
But now to him she can’t marry.
Truly he loved her yet,
And no one on this can bet.

Sometimes her mind to her says,
‘he is to just console, and these are the ways.’
In defence her heart said,
‘so what? In his love, I am red.’

He trusts, cares, and loves her deadly,
In return he only needs her support heartily.

Written By: Aayushi

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  1. Arpita 8 years ago

    Hats off….. very nice….

  2. Richie Rich 8 years ago

    Very welll described a love story in few poetic strings …. keep it up….

  3. devansh raghav 8 years ago

    Wow nicely expressed………great lines….

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