That Someday Will Be Today – Romantic Poems

That Someday Will Be Today - Romantic Poems

That Someday Will Be Today – Romantic Poems

We danced a dance to last for a life time.
You held me close and told me you loved me.
Forever, you shall be in my heart, soul and mind
I knew you wore the sweetest man,
so loving and so kind, to me.
We are meant to be my love and be in love for all times.
If you wore to come back to me,
I would show you how much you mean to me.
Oh don’t you remember us dancing under that pale moonlight.
Every thing was serene and beautiful.
Every thing was right.
You wore the one that held my hand and comforted me through the storms.
You are the sunshine, the wind and rain..
and wiped away all the sadness and pain.
Once again, you can be all these things to me, if only you return.
Please come back
my angel man
and tell me those words of love into my ear.
You have nothing to fear,
as I will always be true to you and want only you.
Together we can make the best couple around
my love for you will never cease.
So come back,
I hope and pray that someday will be today.

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