A New You – Motivational Poem

A New You - Motivational Poem

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I’ll Help You,
Creating A New You.
Remove Those Tears,
And Pack Some Smiles.
Throw Away The Pain,
You’ve  To Walk For Miles.

Push That Fear Too,
Hug This Confidence.
Close Your Eyes,
And Feel The Essence.
You’re Almost There,
Cheer Up!
You’ll Be A New You Dear.

Now Forget Those Moments,
When You Felt Low.
Take These Ones,
Don’t Be A Thirsty Crow.
Now Open Your Eyes,
And Face The Mirror.
Can You See That Smile?
Which You Haven’t For A While.
Never Forget This Character,
Hold Your Head High.
~Ankur Bisht

Ankur Bisht
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