Chup Chup Ke – Sad Audio-Video Shayari

This is a poetry about a girl who loved a boy and left him after some days without any reason. But she could not find anyone like him who could care about her a lot. Now she is regretting on her mistake. She is searching for him here and there, she created fake account on facebook etc.
But she could not find him anywhere. She did not know it that how can he live without her ??!

She can’t find him anymore. Because he is DEAD ……

~(A hindi poetry for his love by her love with all love).

Attribute to this Shayari:
Written By: Unknown
Voice: Yogesh Thakur
Music: YouTube Library (Days Are Long)
Editor: Nitin Verma

(story is not real)
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  1. akash mahananda 7 वर्ष ago

    I love you song video

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