Make The Best Out Of You – Motivational Poem

Make The Best Out Of You

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The feeling of doom is nearing,
As I’m standing here fearing,
All that could go wrong,
Leaving me feel like I don’t belong.

The future is uncertain,
But life goes on,
And I know it’ll lift the curtain,
Shaking you till your hinges.

The feeling is dark,
The feeling is lonely,
With my essence of life,
Leaving me slowly.

I will fight, that I’m sure,
Even the last breath,
Will burn on after war.

You don’t know me,
I don’t know you,
But our fights are same,
At the end of the day.

You’ll follow me,
In this doom of ugliness,
I’ll follow you,
To this never ending hell.

Dream all you can,
They will burst one day,
You will slack,
And never dream again.

The ideals you have made,
Are all just that, ideal,
They will never come true,
In the case of you.

Don’t worry, It’ll all end,
All you worries will be nothing,
But cold hearted memories,
You’ll come around,
As you believe in your family.

Talk to them, share with them,
Your future may not be bright,
But it’s not dark blue hell,
Open your eyes, look around,
You’ll see what you want,
Leaving all your broken dreams behind.

Don’t you dare give up,
Life is not a game,
It’s a kids playground,
Second chances are common,
As are second dreams,
Work on them,
Make the best out of you.
~Varsha Nehra

Varsha Nehra
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  1. Neeraj Nagar 7 वर्ष ago

    Awesome.. n very thoughtful

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